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Lit dance is a contemporary dance company founded in the canton of Aargau in 2019 by Neel Jansen and Graciela Martínez Arribas, professional dancers, choreographers and teachers.

The duo Jansen-Martínez uses the possibilities of the body-movement and its unlimited expressiveness to investigate how to overcome the thin line that separates the dancer from the spectator in order to transmit concepts and ideas inherent to the human being, current issues, messages that need to be heard in the present time.

Lit Dance also focuses its projects on raising awareness of dance among children and young people. It also aims to promote the performing arts and its artists in the canton of Aargau.

NEWS: Sapere Aude - 7. Schwyzer Kulturwochenende
 20. April um 20:00 Uhr in Theater Arth

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Aargauer Kunsthaus & Guerilla Classics



28.,29, & 30. Januar 2022 Perceptions, Alte Reithalle

14. May 2022-Tanzfest Aaargau 2022, Alte Reithalle

19. Juni 2022 - 18 Uhr Dance - Tanz mit Skulpturen! Ein Tag für Aug & Ohr in Beggingen:

14-15 Juni 2022 - Free Flow Festival in Zurich-


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Graciela Martínez & Neel Jansen

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