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Sapere Aude
Premiere am 18.Okt 2023/ 20. & 21. Okt in Alte Reithalle /@buehneaarau
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Graciela Martínez Arribas & Neel Jansen

Lit Dance Company is a contemporary dance company in Kanton Aargau, subventionated by Aargauer Kuratorium and directed by Neel Jansen and Graciela Martínez Arribas.

Our goal as artists is to touch certain themes in life that are timeless, precisely because they are part of our essence, they can not be separated from our being. Sometimes it can even offend to deal with these subjects because they seem so basic to us, so ingrained in our world that it seems we don't need to talk about them. However, they are concepts that we learned or intuited a long time ago and if we don't talk about them, we often forget.

We use contemporary dance to express this processes, we seek the plasticity of movements, using the qualities of each dancer to enhance the expresivity of dance.

The project is, at the same time focused in promoting dance in Kanton Aargau and the artistic talent of this country.


Aargauer Kunsthaus & Guerilla Classics



28.,29, & 30. Januar 2022 Perceptions, Alte Reithalle

14. May 2022-Tanzfest Aaargau 2022, Alte Reithalle

19. Juni 2022 - 18 Uhr Dance - Tanz mit Skulpturen! Ein Tag für Aug & Ohr in Beggingen:

14-15 Juni 2022 - Free Flow Festival in Zurich-


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Graciela Martínez & Neel Jansen

Sportstrasse 11

Wettingen 5430

+41787345626 / +41787319081

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