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18., 20. & 21. Okt Alte Reithalle Choreography: Graciela Martínez & Neel Jansen Music desgn: Christoph Scherbaum & Gary Shepherd Light design: Hansueli Trub Production manager: Alena Beck Dancers: Alexander Hallas, Mara Peyer, Ilaria Rabagliati, Manuel von Arx & Lia Lütolf. "What knowledge is really important and which is not?" Where must a line be drawn so that we do not drown in a sea of information and consumer madness? "Sapere aude - Have the courage to use your own mind": the motto of the Enlightenment, as formulated by Immanuel Kant, is an almost unreachable goal today. In their choreography, Graciela Martínez Arribas and Neel Jansen create a magnetic relationship of dance movement, light and music that symbolises the relationship between the sovereign individual and the danger of losing oneself in the dependency of technology and consume.



Nov. 2020 - Kurthetaer Baden Jan. 2022 - Alte Reithalle Choreography: Graciela Martínez & Neel Jansen Music design: Christoph Scherbaum Light design: Hansueli Trub Dancers: Steven Forster, Maxime Gilles Guenin, Anja Neukomm, Sina Friedli & Sabine Nussli. A dance piece about Reality and Perception. Perception directly affects the way of assessing all reality. We could say that is a projection of ourselves. So is there a reality? and if it exists, are we able to perceive it? Light - Illusion - Dance, are the three main characters of this piece. Lights play such a big role in our emotions, and at the same time can determine the way we feel / perceive a situation, because we are light lamps, loaded with experiences, beliefs and thoughts. With our inner lamps, we light up what we call reality.



Tanz in den mai in Alte Reithalle 2022 & 2023 Duet Perceptions choreographed by Neel Jansen. Danced by Maxime Gilles Guenin & Graciela Martínez Arribas

   Tanzfest Aargau 2022



Choreography: Neel Jansen & Graciela Martínez Arribas Dancers: Steven Forster, Maime Gilles Guenin, Anja Neukomm, Sina Friedli & Sabine NUssli. Music: Olafur Arnalds A 2 weeks proccess of research in Aarau to create Perceptions.



Kurtheater Baden Coproduction with Pidarco Productions Choreography: Neel Jansen Dancers: Neel Jansen, Graciela Martínez Arribas, Aliana Pizzi, Steven Forster & Reinier Powell. Music: Olafur Arnalds A dance piece that talks about the different kind of threads that links us together.


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